Unusual Kitchen Essentials

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If you cook or have a kitchen, some things are standard. Some things must be there because they are a part of what makes a kitchen functional. Below I outline the essentials, the tools, and appliances that you have to have in your cooking space.

What I list here goes beyond ovens and pans. These are the little things that not everyone thinks to have in their kitchen.

We begin with cutlery. Not everyone needs a full nineteen-piece set, but it helps to have the variety if you intend to prepare various dishes. The more of a foodie you are, the more particular you get about knives.

To go with that knife, you have a cutting board. A nice, smooth one is ideal. Hopefully, they’re also easy to clean because it will see a lot of use.

When cooking, you will end up with a lot of pots and pans. Store them all conveniently using a pot rack.

A blender and food processor is also an essential. While some serious foodies and chefs would demand a seven-speed model, most kitchens can get by with less.

Of course, for special recipes – soups and sauces, primarily – you will want a hand blender. Using a machine for some recipes gets the ingredients messed up because the motion is too fast, you see.

Sometimes the outer areas of the meal cook, while the interior isn’t quite there yet. A thermometer also comes in handy. You need the type you can stick into food, letting you check the core temperature.

Most people have salt and pepper shakers. The ones who are particular about their food use grinders, instead. These can let you season dishes with a greater deal of control than ordinary shakers, even if they do require a bit more work.

Wooden utensils like ladles and spatulas are obvious. Some people go with plastic, but I prefer the texture of wood.