Moving House

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Recently I have just moved house to a beautiful beach townhouse in the beautiful suburb of Scarborough. The house is absolutely fantastic, providing us with everything we need… except for one little problem The kitchen is small.

In saying that however that very much reflects this website Big World (Epic Beach House), Small Kitchen (check)

What we have noticed however in having a small kitchen is that you become more efficient, more economical and you have to put more thought into the process. An example you ask sure

So normally as you are whipping and cooking up a storm you would have dirty dishes here, this n the cook there, clean dishes somewhere else, rubbish here and so on and so forth.

However when you have a small kitchen you are then faced with not having the freedom/luxury of having it all. Dishes need to be cleaned and put aside, rubbish needs to be straight into bins, smaller pots and pans have to be used and so on.

The thing is though, once you get into the hang of it, it actually works into your favour. You are left with a kitchen that is being cooked, cleaned, tidied, etc all at once.

In time, we will be in habit and used to the smaller kitchen, however until then we will complain a little bit, but it will not be for long.