Maximize Your Tiny Kitchen

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Do you have a tiny kitchen? The constraints might be a challenge, but that’s one that you should meet! There are a few ways to maximise such a minimal space. In fact, we bet you’d be surprised with what you can do if you take the time to think things through.

Here’s our best advice for how to get more out of even the tiniest kitchen.

Lighting is your friend!

Keeping the kitchen well-lit and bright gives the place a feel of greater space. If you combine it with a neutral palette, you can achieve a look that is seamless and spacious. Gloss finishes are a good choice for this since they bounce light around. Glass is also an alternative for creating the feel of more space.

Double-up to make the most of what is available.

The best way to maximise a tiny space is to make everything to double-duty. Incorporate something like a breakfast bar in the preparation space. Set it up so that under that space is a cupboard for essentials or storage. If you can, pick a sink with accessories like an integrated chopping board.

In fact, storage solutions are a good tactic.

Go for deep drawers, not standard cupboards. Move upper cabinets higher, adding more storage space to where they used to be located. Just make sure they’re not too high.

Another option is to downsize your appliances.

More and more companies are responding to the need for smaller devices. Life simply does not give us all a wide berth. Smaller alternatives to your current oven, fridge, or drawers can all help give you more room to move around.

Finally, remove the fussy little things.

Handles one every cupboard or cabinet can feel stifling in a small space. Consider getting sliding doors, or only fitting handles on the bigger or more important ones. The less significant a cabinet or storage space is, the less likely it will need a handle.