Choosing the Right Window Elements for Your Kitchen

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Are you remodelling the kitchen? Have you taken the time to consider changing the window?

Sure, you might stick with what you have now. That’s always an idea, and it could save you a little money. However, what if it clashes with the new layout? What if it doesn’t fit with your new plan? What if your window is already old, and probably overdue for a change?

Well, here’s a few reminders. With our help, you’ll get a good idea of what you want to do when getting a new kitchen window.

First, keep function on an equal level with style. This is hard, but not impossible.

Kitchen windows usually go above counters or sinks. This means that they shouldn’t be hard to reach, and the frame material should be something easy to clean. You also don’t want to put a lot of effort into having to open them.

Sliding windows are an excellent choice. Casement windows work too. The ability to open them quickly lets you ventilate the kitchen better, so you don’t have to wait too long for a strong smell to air out. This also means that you have the benefit of natural lighting as you work.

Pick the right material, because this plays into the cleaning and effort.

A kitchen window is usually going to end up on top of the work area. This means that it’ll be exposed to a lot of moisture. It is at risk of getting material of all sorts splashing on the glass. Grease stains are a regular concern in window cleaning, after all.

The right type of material can help make maintenance easier. Vinyl is one choice. Fiberglass is another. Both are easy to clean, after all. Fiberglass is also able to handle extreme heat better and can be given a faux-wood look if you want that aesthetic.

However, if your circumstances warrant having real wood frames, that’s also a choice for you. Just pick wood that can handle stains and moisture.

Take a moment to think on things like features and options. Little things like accessories can matter.

If privacy is a huge concern, use an opaque glass or even one-way glass. If you’re looking for better natural light, this is a bad idea.

Cordless blinds or shades might be a good idea, depending on the rest of the kitchen. However, they can also add to the maintenance of the window. Be sure to take a moment and think it through if they’re worth the effort.

When it comes to aesthetics, look into what would improve your kitchen.

If the kitchen feels constrained and dark, brighter colours and better light can give a feeling of having more space. If the entire place has a light theme that’s full of spring colours, a window that provides a bit of contrast can go a long way to making things better.

Finally, don’t pick a material that will make window cleaning Perth a headache. While some window materials are excellent, but some are neat but incredibly hard to clean.