Kitchen renovation

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Our individual homes have quite amazing room divisions. Of these divisions, kitchen is one of the most important and frequently visited by every member of the family (nobody quarrels with the kitchen!). The kitchen is referred to as the “formal offices” of wives and/or moms in our various homes because they get to spend more time there while other members of the family sit in the living room carried away in the euphoria of amazing Tv shows.

More often than not, our kitchens “wear out” after say a few years. By “wear out”, I mean it looks less fashionable and attractive both to us and even to visitors. In fact, in some cases, after a few years of use, the whole kitchen appearance/sight irritates or pisses some ladies off. However, there exists a solution to this “wearing out” of the kitchen. It is called kitchen renovation.

Renovation according to Mariam-webster dictionary is to make changes and repairs to (an old house, building, room, etc.) so that it is back in good condition. And the kitchen is no exception to this definition. To renovate the kitchen is to make your kitchen look all new again. This is done in different shades. Few of which includes polishing the furniture, changing the cabinet set, the flooring etc.

While many ladies don’t like the appearance of their kitchens, only a few can afford what it takes to do the renovation. Aside the fact that it takes a lot of bucks, thousands in some cases, it also takes a lot of stress, to mention a few.

Amidst all shades of kitchen renovations around in town, changing of the cabinet is about the most preferred. The major reason for this is because it is the cheapest you can opt for with few bucks to spend. Some 3000$ should solve such problems. Moreover, no one wants to live in the previous centuries. Unlike the 21st century’s cabinet, most of the kitchen cabinets in the 20th century was made of wood. In 2017, it is actually very out of place and shape to use wood. Therefore, a need arises to change the cabinet set to glass or any other cool substance. Rich folks like Donald trump, kim kardesian, etc have their kitchen cabinet made of gold. Take a quick look at the two pictures below





The two pictures above show how the kitchen cabinet in a home in the United states look like before and after renovation. The first, labelled before, is a cabinet looking so unkept and annoying. What a horrible picture it is! While on the other hand, the second picture explains what 3000$ can do to our kitchen. With 3000$ or thereabout, a tiny bank-slate kitchen with zero counter space was turned into a jewel box!

It is always lovely to see our homes turned into a palace but what about the cost? What about the stress one would go through to get it renovated? All these amongst many others are things to be considered before embarking on a renovation project.